I am looking forward with great anticipation to the release of Koko Be Good. Allow me to brag that I picked up and loved the mini-comic version at APE six years or so ago. Jen Wang's drawings and storytelling are brilliant. Highly recommended.
Latest life drawings (and by "latest" I mean ones I drew months ago and scanned weeks ago):

This one drawing group I really like has a scientist who sometimes shows up, who threw out the idea of making the pose lengths* according to the Fibonacci numbers. So, if you follow the Fibonacci sequence you do two one-minute poses, then a 2, a 3, a 5, an 8, a 13... so on, with the last one we were able to fit into the three-hour session being a 55. I loved it; it may just be my imagination, but I feel like the transition from short to long was more... organic? Anyway, maybe I just love the novelty of it, but come on, that's just cool. Not that a lot of good drawings necessarily resulted, but here's the 13, 34, and 55 minute poses, respectively.

*In the unlikely case that any readers may be unfamiliar with the practice, life drawing sessions usually follow a predictable structure— the model does sets of short poses that they hold for one or two minute poses, followed by sets of 5-minute-long poses, then ten-minute-long ones, then twenty-minute ones.
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