I've linked A Journey 'Round My Skull here before, but I feel it's important I make clear that there is also a journey 'round my skull on tumblr and it is pretty much my favorite thing on the internet right now.

I am very happy to note that the freelance job I've gone on and on about has been featured in issue 51 of Communication Arts. I'm a little embarrassed at all the whining I did about it now. All credit, however, should rightfully go to the excellent designer, Connie Hwang, and you can see end result here on her site. I'd given up applying to design annuals years ago, and now, out of the blue, there it is.

So that really made my day. My previous day had been made by going to the annual San Francisco Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival:

John Langford was my favorite act of the day. Possibly influenced by the fact that his was one of the first ones and the crowds hadn't gotten too bad yet. (Not pictured anywhere in this post: The Carolina Chocolate Drops, on account of their stage being so insanely crowded that it was impossible to see them without binoculars.)


The crowd listening to Jonathan Richman, which was already big enough that I didn't try and draw the speck that was he off in the distance. The top sketch recounts a dreadlocked hippie guy who was going around selling coconuts out of a cooler. He would hack one open for you with a machete, pour in some rum (pictured), and add a long straw. He did quite a brisk business, exemplifying that hard-working, go-getter entrepreneurial spirit for which be-dreadlocked stoner hippie dudes everywhere are known.


Crowds, and Bonnie "Prince" Billy. I'm not as keen on the latest album, but I liked his banter. He paused three-quarters of the way through "Easy Does It" and started heckling the crowd. "So, like, what are you guys into? I mean what are you into? You, you there, what are you into... yeah, you... he says he's into... Dungeons & Dragons... missed connections on craigslist... and the Tea Party... like, not the Tea Party's politics, but, like, the sort of the idea of the Tea Party..."
I myself think that if the re-branding of right-wing ideology in an effort to distance it from a failed former Republican leadership can possibly ever count as "populism", then so much the worse for populism. But those other two things... well, maybe I'll plead the Fifth.*

More stage banter:
BPB: Ok, this one's going to take a little brainpower. Knock, knock...
BPB: Interrupting Crowd...
Crowd: [confused quiet with a few distant 'Moo's]

It didn't occur to me until the next day that he was probably trying to be booed.

* In fact, just the day before, my day had again been made, by reading this short story.
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