A couple drawings from a sketchcrawl outing Saturday:

A smaller and somewhat more hardcore group got dinner and went to draw more from the lounge at the top of the SF Marriot. The fog came in as the night came on, and the vista drew many a comparison to Bladerunner, William Gibson, and Bioshock. This was a tiny portion centered around the Museum of Modern Art.

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Ah, what a refreshing sight! Good sketches. The black hatches for the tree on the bottom one give good volume -- not too much, being still far -- just right. The black sets it, along with its side of the block in front, too. Are these the traditional 8 1/2 X 11 sheets you bring on the crawls?
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Doh! That's weird how the tree landed there. No matter why, it was handled right. It sets the uniform gray foreground in front of it, and stops the eye right there. That architectural oblique-cut cylinder element, being so different, competes for attention, and being near the middle, I guess it deserves the higher priority.

Where is that tree themed interior? It's quite odd.


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